Silver Family Favorites

Woosha! I made a promise to Missie, that she'd get to move around and meet new sims, and I will keep that promise. Here are some of the Silver Family favorites, free for you to download and play with! 

Missie Silver

Personality: 2/4/2/8/9

Zodiac: Aquarius

Aspiration: Pleasure

Turn Ons: Blonde, Unemployed

Turn Offs: Job 6+ level

Leo Silver

Personality: 2/9/4/10/10

Zodiac: Libra

Aspiration: Family

Turn Ons: Red Hair, Witches

Turn Off: Custom Hair

Jean Silver

Personality: 2/9/9/10/5

Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius 

Aspiration: Family

Turn Ons: Dark Hair, Logical

Turn Off: Perfume/Cologne

Annie Silver

Personality: 9/2/6/3/5

Zodiac: Virgo

Aspiration: Knowledge

Turn Ons: Blonde Hair, Zombiesm

Turn Off: Facial Hair

Louisa Silver

Personality: 3/6/9/7/10

Zodiac Sign: Pisces

Aspiration: Pleasure

Turn Ons: Fat, Good at Cooking

Turn Off: Stink

Jonathan Silver

Personality: 2/2/10/10/10

Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius 

Aspiration: Family

Turn Ons: Redheads, Perfume

Turn Off: Full Face Makeup

Horace Silver

Personality: 9/3/10/3/10

Zodiac Sign: Pisces

Aspiration: Romance

Turn Ons: Black Hair, Perfume

Turn Off: Full Face Make Up

Mabel Silver

Personality: 0/5/10/7/10

Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius 

Aspiration: Popularity

Turn Ons: Blonde Hair, Formal Wear

Turn Off: Cologne

Myrtle Silver

Personality: 9/2/1/8/5

Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius

Aspiration: Wealth

Turn Ons: Jewelry, Hard Worker

Turn Off: Unemployed

Chester Silver

Personality: 3/6/9/7/1

Zodiac: Sagittarius 

Aspiration: Romance

Turn On: Blondes, Redheads

Turn Off: Fit

Here's all of them! I may update this with a few others, Julie, Adult!Chester, we'll have to see :) I hope you enjoyed Silver Valley, and be sure to tell me if you put my sims in your game and what shenanigans those crazy kids get up to!


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