The Tale of Two Legacies: The Luck Line, Chapter One- Too Much Woohoo.

Say hello to the face you will either love or hate, Pandora Luck!

"I'm wielding a sword, Creator, they will absolutely love me."

... I think you meant fear.

Anyway, introduce yourself to the readers, Pandora.

"If you insist. As you know, I am Pandora. I'm a romance sim who wishes to become Marshal of the Realm, an intriguing medieval hack of the Athletics track. I'd like to think of myself as well balanced-"

Bull. You have one nice point

"And that one nice point is reserved for the one mortal that won my heart. Have you... successfully brought him back?"

Kinda. He's no longer a Bigfoot so at least that's no longer in the way. 

"Good. It means he won't be able to throw me over his shoulder anymore, a factor that will likely disappoint him, but you won't have to dabble in the dark arts to make our love true."

And you won't end up with a mouthful of fur every time you kiss him!

"... I'm going to ignore that, you are actually disgusting, and I'm going to finish this term paper. I don't have slaves to do my bidding yet, so alas, I must do it myself."

"He will make an excellent slave."

Bruce? Well, he's kinda cute, so save him for baby making later. 

"Are you insinuating I should have love slaves?"

Like you mind.

"Of course not. Oh Bruce, has anyone ever told you how dashing you look with that lowcut shirt?"

"Professor, I thank you for meeting me at such a late hour. Would you mind giving me some 'pointers' for the upcoming exam?"

As a romance sim, Pandora is not picky about her lovers. Male, female, alien, vampire, *coughcough* Bigfoot *cough*... if they're down to 'hoo so is she.

*insert gross kissing sounds here*

"This smooth talk interaction is new to me."

Eh, I don't think I had freetime last time you were in Sims 2. Or just had no idea how to use it.

"I'm not objecting to it."

"Ah yes, vampiress, it is good to see you. I might need to borrow your... powers in the future."

Oh no you don't! No vamping for you!

"Try and stop me."

I mostly ignored Pandora's night out in the market place.... probably because Checo was kicking Joe Carr's booty and I thought that was more deserving of my attention. 

Why does Pandora have this grin when she's slowdancing with I think Victim... er, Love Slave 3?

Like you didn't already know.

"Pandora Luck, you're under arrest for grabbing too much booty!"

"Oh, come on, you're just mad I've never grabbed yours."

Pandora's made a few too many friends in strange places it looks.

How you feeling?

"Satisfied. I've never gone to college before, but I have heard of certain items in the Society that would fulfill my... purposes."

... What did you do.

"Let's just say I wanted a new pet."

Of course, Pandora immediately gets caught hacking grades because of Course she does. And her reaction?

"I'm just going to buy a new one the moment she leaves."

She probably knows that and isn't paid enough to care.


Love Slave Four, this happened all autonomously, thank you ACR for making a romance sim's life easier.

All right, you're a sophomore in college, what do you want to do now?

"What you promised me."

I've been trying to find him, believe me. 

"Then we shall do things my way. I have the money to pay the proper sources, after all."

Pandora: "Greetings, Matchmaker."

Are you kidding me. This blind old bat can't get you-

"Quiet, Creator. I may only have one shot, but this is possibly the best way to find him."

Pandora: "The full five thousand, as I promised. He's a bearded man with an old soul, he's been through life before. He was reincarnated and placed among the townies. He is perfect for me and I for him."

Matchmaker: "I can do my best, dearie. It sounds like you truly loved him."

Pandora: "I do, more than life itself."

???: "My head... owww..."


Pandora: "L... Leonid? Is that you? ... Do you remember me?" 

Leonid: "Pandora. It's been a long time, we've been through countless lives... and every time our eyes meet, you still take my breath away."


Pandora: "I love you!" 

Leonid: "Ooph! At least I can still hold you like this, my love!"

*sniffles* Three bolts of attraction, ladies and gents. It's a beautiful sight. 

Look at this happy face. This is the only reason she agreed to do this, and that's because I reunited her with her soulmate. 

The first date was a dream one, unsurprisingly. These two always catch up quickly.

"Oh good grief."

What's going on, Pandora?

"I talked for maybe five minutes with this redheaded bartender and he won't. Stop. Phonestalking me. Every day he calls me. It's driving me insane."

Is he pretty?

"Pretty enough. I'll likely make him a love slave and then dispose of him."

... Dispose?

"Like you're surprised. One nice point and it belongs to Leonid."

Pandora demanded another date with Leonid, hitting up The Golden Cat. Another tavern I made. What can I say, it's a bit addicting to try my hand at building.




Leonid: "Truly a fantastic getaway, my love."

Pandora: "Er, unfortunately not as private as I would've wished."

Leonid: "What do you... oh."

Ah crap. Say hello to Mother Crumplebottom.

Mother Crumplebottom: "Shame on you! Walking around indecently in public! You have sinned! Repent and be forgiven!"

Oh shut it, Mother, they were in a private room. It wasn't like they were strutting around in their underwear. 

"Well, now I am." 


"Bite me. That crone can shout at me all I want. I'm not changing, I'm going home."

And she did just that. Ignored Crumplebottom yelling at her, she called a cab and headed on home. I love her.

Bruce: "I love Pandora Luck. I love Pandora Luck." 

Bruce has become Pandora's term paper slave. While she dates her lover, he does all the work. Pandora doesn't give a crap. 

Not like he doesn't get some form of payment though. 

Cow, screw off, you're clearly intruding!

And here we are now. Graduated?

"Of course. 4.0. Did only maybe one term paper. And I now have a string of lovers to do my bidding and father my children."

Once a romance sim, always a romance sim?

"Indeed. I may share my bed with many, but my heart with only one. Leonid understands. To have many children is part of my goal, and multiple fathers will add another part to my plan."

What plan?

"You'll see."

And into an outfit more suiting for a teenage girl, Pandora spins into adulthood and goes out into the world!

Now that both founders have left college, with lovers lined up. Let's see what Pandora has planned and how it'll screw with mine. See you all next time!


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