The Tale of Two Legacies: The Average Line, Chapter One- The Return to College!

I know what you're thinking. 'Kitty, I thought you were doing the Ash Legacy!' And I was! ... Until my game started crashing every time I went on a community lot and I had to deal with so, so many glitches from what I think was a corrupted lot I downloaded so I just canned the whole thing and started from scratch. Wasn't too much of a loss, there was something funky going on with the genetics because of the deleted CC and I was just done with it. 

With this idea I came to a conclusion. I needed to start from scratch. Go back to what was familiar... so I decided what the heck, let's create an old sim of mine and throw him back into the legacy ringer! What could go wrong?

Jake: "I. Hate. You."

Awwww, come on, Jake! You were one of my favorite sims to start legacies back in the day with. You and your basic type one face and love of blue hoodies... 

"Why can't you just leave me out of your legacy dreams... Where is my blue hoodie, anyway?"

I might've gone on a medieval kick. No more hoodies.

"And my hairstyle?"

I default replaced it with something better!

"Of course you did. I can't back out now, can I?"


"So, did you make this dorm yourself?"

Yeah, so?

"Is that why it's not working and I'm the only one here?"

Jake... okay that is probably the issue. Dangit, lemme just recolor one of the base game dorms now, I really liked the idea of every student having a little cottage but apparently Sims University doesn't agree with my visions -.-

Tell the readers about yourself, Jake!

"Oh, fine. I'm Jake Average. Just your average guy. Kitty, or the 'Creator', has been remaking me every sims game as your antisocial, grumpy knowledge sim who would prefer being left in peace rather than getting her legacy dreams off the ground. This time around I want to top the entertainment career as my lifetime want, and I'm into redheads. I gotta work on my term paper now, so..."

"Did you really have to stick me in a dorm though? Really?"

We can't afford a lot and we both know it, Jake.

"You have ACR running! Do you know how awkward that's going to get?"

You say awkward, I say fun!

"Plus I think that blonde has brain damage or something because she hasn't put her arm down at all!"


Ah. Well then. She's a bit broken, Jake, just... just ignore her.

"Won't be hard to do, I think she's a romance sim. Not really my type."

Speaking of your type, you find Emma?

"She's Debbie now... and unfortunately, she doesn't remember me."

Ah, thought that might the case. You might retain your memories every time I reincarnate your stupid butt but most townies/dormies don't. How about Stacy, is she still around?

"I don't know, I think she was one of the sims in downtown. I'll try to find her, but come on. We got married at least three lifetimes ago, I married Emma last time I was around. If Emma doesn't remember me, Stacy definitely won't."

Not one to take Jake's skepticism, I made him go to the Wicked Clam. It's a small bar I made myself. If the fact it's just a box with windows plastered on it didn't give that away.

Hey! Vampire! Get back here, there's a knowledge sim right behind you!

She did not get back here. Much to my disappointment. 

.... Oh dear. At this point I realized that a few of the dress meshes I had downloaded had done goofed and I had a few downtownies walking around looking like this. Sometime after this I ended up downloaded christianlov's clothing rack and just shoving everyone I could into medieval clothing, but for now, you're stuck looking at this monstrosity. 

Jake and Screwed Up Dress Girl aka Demi Pai did get along pretty well, there was even some bolts and flirting, but I wasn't feeling it. So tonight was a bust.

Jake: "So my creator, she's on a medieval fantasy kick right now. What a nerd, right?


Random Dormie Romance One!

Jake: "Oh! Emma!"

Debbie: "Pffft, you got that many redheads all over you, Jake? It's Debbie, you goon."

Jake: "Oh. Right, sorry, you just... look like someone I knew once."

Debbie: "It's fine. Anyway, I need some study time, mind giving me a hand with the material? I know I'm not studying your major, but-"

Jake: "Of course! I mean, I can help, if you're wanting that. Yup."

Jake you hopeless goon. I love you. He and Debbie hit it off pretty well, just like last time. 

Random Dormie: Ugh! Who would want to date that freak?

Hey! I gave you a cool outfit, don't you diss my boy!

"Not seeing a sign of Stacy."

It won't happen overnight, buddy. I sent him to the Wicked Clam in an attempt to find Stacy, but he just enjoyed some drinks and sulked... at least, for a while.


Listen, she's a romance sim, she can rock whatever she wants to-

"I'm leaving. I'm done. Gouge my eyes out with a rusty fork, you're a sick woman, Kitty."

Jake: "Freaking Creator, putting the ugly romance sims in skankwear, why is she like this..."

???: "... Jake? Is that you?"

Jake: "Wait- Stacy?!"

Stacy: "Well, it's April now technically, but I was Stacy when I was with you."

Jake: "You remember?" 

Stacy: "I do."

Jake: "But how-"

Stacy: "Don't know, don't care. Mind if we catch up sometime? I can see you're already antsy from being in public too long."

Jake: "I... I'd like that."

Guess who came over to visit the next day though?

Jake: "Wow! Hi, Debbie! I like the dress!"

Debbie: "I wasn't sure on it, but hey, it kinda looks like we match! Like a couple! Couple-y things... heheh."


Jake: "She can't hear you, you know."

I can dream.

I decided to send them on a quick date, thinking what could be the harm in it?

... That's the harm. That's the harm right there. Welp, this could get dicey.

Jake: "Hey, Stacy, glad you could come over!"

Stacy: "Wasn't a big deal. What's up, buttercup?"

Jake: "So... long story short... last time I was around, I couldn't find you, but I met someone else. Her name was Emma. I ended up marrying her, we had quadruplets, our life together was great. I met her again this lifetime, only she's Debbie, and things are really complicated andpleasedon'tmakemepickbetweenyou."

Stacy: "Uh huh... I see."

Stacy: "Is that it? Really? Jake, don't make such a big deal out of it. You and Emma loved each other, right?"

Jake: "What."

Stacy: "Jake, I'm gonna be straight here, I just want you to be happy. I'm not gonna make you pick between us, hell, if she's okay with it, I don't mind a threeway.

Jake: "What." 

Stacy: "Oh for- polyamory, Jake. Polyamory. It's 2018. Monogamy's outdated. Besides, are you even sure you want to do this again?"

Jake: "Do what?" 

Stacy: "Date. Marry. All that crap."

Jake: "Uhh..."

Stacy: "Good god, Jake. We're going on a date, right now."

Jake: "God I missed you."

Stacy: "I know."




So you two had fun it looks?

Jake: "Oh my god, could you not for like five minutes?"

Stacy: "The creator? Oh man, I didn't miss her." 

Oh ha ha. I can't wait for you to hear me again. 

And Stacy left this lovely little date gift. I love this woman. 

Next day, Jake invited over Debbie to set the record straight. 

Jake: "So, what do you think? I don't want to be a cheater, I really do like both of you. I might have... er, a different history with Stacy, but you're amazing too! Be honest, what do you think?"

Debbie: "It's definitely a bizarre concept... especially since I'm a family sim and I kinda expected the whole marriage and babies to one person thing. But I don't think I'm repulsed by the idea. I mean, more people around, means more people to help care for any future family, right?

Jake: "So... you're cool with this?"

Debbie: "It means that yes, I'm completely okay with this arrangement, at least for now. If I  get not okay though, don't be mad?"

Jake: "Of course. Thanks, Debbie."

Debbie: "You're a weird guy, Jake. But... this might seem funny to you, but I feel like we've known each other for a long time and that I can trust you."

Jake: "... you know what, that I completely understand."

Another random dormie romance. 

Stacy: "Nice to see you too, sweetheart. You and Debbie talk yet?"

Jake: "We did. And she's okay with it... with us."

Stacy: "What are you doing?"

"What I should've done when I saw you at the bar."

"Oh Jake..."

Jake: "Will you m-"

Stacy: "Yes, yes, and yes again! I love you, Jake!"

Jake: "I would get a phonecall after all that... hello?"

???: "Jake Average. It's been a while since I've heard your name. The Creator could never pick a favorite between us."

Jake: "Uh... who is this?"

???: "Meet me at the Wicked Clam. We need to talk."

Jake: "Are you the one on the phone?"

???: "I am. No, you wouldn't recognize me, we've never existed in the same timeline. You would've heard of me before though. The other favorite founder of the Creator. A lover instead of a student. And someone far better at founding legacies than you ever were.

Jake: "... Pandora Luck."

Pandora: "Aye. It's good to see you." 

Jake: "Why are you here? Shouldn't you be, I don't know, pining over Bigfoot or breaking Kitty's game again? You seem to like to do that."

Pandora: "You're hilarious. The Creator has long learned that controlling me is never an option, but I agreed to her plan as it will benefit me."

Jake: "Agreed to what?"

Pandora: "A competition. Which of her founders can run a more successful legacy?"

Jake: "What."

Pandora: "The Creator has a bizarre logic. If she can't complete a single legacy, why shouldn't she try to do two at once? She's placed some handicaps upon us, she will attempt to count up points. Whoever has the more successful lineage shall win."

Jake: "What do we even win?" 

Pandora: "Bragging rights, mostly. I think The Creator is planning something, but I doubt she'll tell us. I do like the idea that my progeny will be stronger, smarter, and better than yours, of course."

Jake: "Please. You vamp'd yourself and when your mortal love died you purposely stood out in the sunlight and died. You and any of your kids were not exactly known for being stable."

Pandora: "At least they'll be stunning to look at, rather than your generic face."

Jake: "Oh, low blow. Low blow."

Jake: "Oh it's on now. Here's the deal though- no funny business. You hurt any of my kids and I'm going for your throat."

Pandora: "That's fair. I don't intend to interfere with your line, you don't interfere with mine. Nothing wrong with some healthy competition."

Jake: "Gotta ask, why are you so chill about this? I would've suspected a lot worse from you."

Pandora: "I might have red on my hands, but the Creator is giving me what I want."

Jake: "What is that?"

Pandora: "Go on home, Jake. You have finals in the morning, and so do I."

You get that 4.0?

Jake: "Yeah. Did Pandora?"

We'll catch up with her later.

Jake: "What did you give her to make her chill?"

What she wanted. Ready to go to Frostvale and start your life with Debbie and Stacy?

"You know it."

"Oh hey, I'm actually wearing medieval clothes."

Color me impressed. 

Well, here's where we leave off with Jake for now. We'll be catching up with a lovely lady in red next time though, so stick around for the Tale of Two Legacies!


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